Athena "Class AB" Integrated Amplifier

Athena Integrated Amplifier

New to the CR amplifier range, Athena destroys any pre-conceptions about limited dynamics of tube amplifiers. With a sparkling sound quality and the ability to successfully drive almost any loudspeaker, Athena will satisfy the most ardent critic of tube amplifiers!

The all-valve circuitry, including the phono input stage, gives a warm yet dynamic sound that will make you want to listen to all your records and CD’s again.

The low noise phono input circuitry offers high clarity reproduction from vinyl records, giving the exceptional listening experience only found with an all-analogue system.

The amplifier is a completely integrated product with a total of five inputs. Four for line level sources as well as a phono input for turntables using moving magnet cartridges.

The output stage uses a balanced push pull circuit, operating in “Class A” at low levels, swinging to “Class AB” for higher power and dynamics. The conservatively rated 6550 output tubes are auto-biased making tube replacement an easy process.

The classic output design combination from CR ensures perfect linearity, reducing harmonic and intermodulation distortion to a minimum. Athena will combine well with most quality sound sources and, as mentioned above, will provide enough power to drive even low sensitivity loudspeakers.


Class AB

Input LevelPhono 6 mV
Line 250 mV
Output Level35 Watts RMS
Response20Hz-20KHz ±1dB
Distortion 0.2% 1W@1Khz
0.9% 20W@1KHz
1.6% 38W@1KHz
Inputs 1
Load Impedance 4 & 8 Ohms
Power Consumption 385 Watts
Line Voltage 115/230 Volts
Tube LineupOutput 6550 x 4
Pre-driver 5687 x 2
Phase Splitter 12AX7 x 2
Pre-Amplifier 12AY7 x 2
Pre-Amplifier 12AX7 x 1
DimensionsUnpacked 430x390x180mm
Packed 540x455x235mm
Weight Net 16Kg
Weight Gross 19Kg