Hestia Phono Pre-Amplifier

Hestia Phono Pre-Amplifier

Demand for a moderately priced tube phono pre-amplifier has led to the design of Hestia, a carefully engineered unit with a well defined frequency response adhering closely to the RIAA curves.

Hestia always displays fine characteristics when used with a good turntable and cartridge, and will match easily with any of the CR amplifiers, or indeed many other types.

Benefits from concentrated research into RIAA pre-amplifiers by the CR design team have helped to set Hestia apart as a well thought out product. Music remains clear and sharp, retaining its melodic quality untainted by poor electronics.

Components are all stringently specified and tubes are selected for the lowest noise and tied within tight gain characteristics.

The amplifier is well finished with a pleasing external appearance that will harmonise well with CR’s other products. The amplifier is supplied with a small separate external power supply, which is attached to the main unit via a locking plug and cable.



Input Level 7mV [2.34mV]
Output Level 775mV [225mV]
Headroom +25dB
Response 20Hz - 25KHz ±1.5dB
Distortion <0.16%
Noise <1Mv
Inputs 1 MM
Power Consumption 30 Watts
Line Voltage 115/230 Volts
Tube Lineup Input Amplifier 12AY7 x 1
Pre-Amplifier 12AY7 x 1
Output Buffer 12AU7 x 1
DimensionsUnpacked 215x95x325mm
Packed 495x380x330mm
Weight Net 4.5Kg
Weight Gross 8Kg