Remus Power Amplifier

Remus Power Amplifier

Remus was a natural development in the CR product range, offering more power and larger dynamic range than the smaller Romulus amplifier.

Remus is configured as a power amplifier with no switchable inputs and is designed to match directly with our Carmenta or Kastor pre-amplifiers, although it will work well with any high quality pre-amplifier.

Although Remus has a dynamic quality, it retains the smooth response inherent in all CR amplifiers, reproducing the gentlest passage or most strident orchestration with equal ease.

Over-engineered internal electronics leave the amplifier unstressed even under the most demanding conditions. No expense was spared where component selection was concerned, with the best signal components being used throughout all critical paths leaving the audio untarnished and full of its original vitality.

Transformers, always a key component, are exceptionally large. Less conservative designers would probably use them in 200 Watt output stages!

With so much power in hand, loudspeaker selection is not critical and can match the listener’s taste without worrying about sound level and dynamics.


Class AB

Input Level Line 1V
Output Level50 Watts RMS
Response20Hz-25KHz  ±2dB
Distortion0.2% 1W@1KHz
0.8% 25W@1KHz
0.9% 50W@1KHz
Inputs 1
Load Impedance 8 ohms
Power Consumption 550 Watts (max)
Line Voltage 115/230 Volts
Tube LineupOutput KT90 x 4 or 6550 x 4
Pre-driver 5687 x 2
Phase Splitter 12AX7 x 2
DimensionsUnpacked 430x170x370mm
Packed 530x450x240mm
Weight Net 18.5Kg
Weight Gross 21Kg