Romulus v2 "Class AB" Integrated Amplifier

Romulus 2

The design for Romulus originated as a high quality integrated amplifier at a price competitive with mass-produced established rivals and inevitability compromises were necessary in the selection of materials and components. Replacing or revising an amplifier with the reputation that Romulus established is no easy task when the product has such a renowned track record. In this latest incarnation Romulus comes of age as a no compromise individually hand built high-end integrated amplifier.

Among the many changes are redesigned output transformers including 4 ohm and 8 ohm outputs in addition to improved frequency response resulting from improved winding techniques. The new power transformer is combined with a new multi-rail power supply assembled on a separate printed circuit board that reduces interference effects to the audio circuits.

The unusual circuit technique ensures total symmetry around the output stage, this forms the basis of this amplifier and continues to form the basis of CR power amplifier products. Power tube sockets are hard wired to the circuit board to guarantee reliability and isolate other components from associated heat stress.

A front mounted 3.5mm socket for a MP3 player analogue input complements input sources. Five input sources are selected by high quality relays minimising signal path lengths.

Adjustment of tube biasing was an inconvenient operation previously, now the trim potentiometers are accessible through the top cover greatly simplifying a dealer’s or service technician’s task. A rear mounted 5-pin socket provides easy monitoring of tube bias setting.


Class AB Integrated amplifier

Input LevelLine 250mV
Output Level45 Watts RMS
Response20Hz – 25KHz +/- 2dB
Distortion<0.2% 1W at 1KHz
Noise <2mV
Signal/noise > 75dB
Crosstalk > 60dB
Inputs 4 x Line level Phono
1 x 3.5 stereo jack (MP3)
Power Consumption Watts
Line Voltage 115/230 Volts
Tube Complement
Pre-amplifier12AX7 x 1
12AX7 x 2
12BH7 x 2
EL34 x 4
Weight ?

New styling departs from the trade mark polished stainless steel for a more conservative black or silver anodised finish that offers an more luxurious finish some may feel is more compatible with other HI Fi separates.

A second production run will be available December/January after the first batch was all pre-sold.

A hand full of pre production units have been pre sold and the next production is expected in early 2015.