Woodham KT88 Integrated Power Amplifier

The latest addition to the "Woodham" range is the integrated KT88 amplifier.

Another legendary tube, the KT88 retains a large enthusiastic following all around the world, while manufacturers frequently produce "improvements" and variations, the Western Electric KT88 is eagerly awaited.

Maximum flexibility and a logical upgrade path were important considerations in the design and Woodham KT88 includes many extra features.

Pre-amplifier out and power amplifier in signal connections make this a very versatile amplifier. Additionally, the stereo power amplifier can be used in mono configuration providing double the output.

With these facilities, a simple upgrade path from integrated, to bi-amped, to mono block to pre/power system, including the Classic pre-amplifier, can be followed.

Output tube bias is automatic, so replacement is simple and readjustment is unnecessary. An analogue meter indicates if any output tube is faulty.


Class AB

Input Level Line 250mV
Output Level 25/50 Watts RMS
Response20Hz-25KHz ±1dB
Distortion <0.1% 1W@1KHz
<0.9% 25W@1KHz
Noise <1mV
Inputs 5
Load Impedance 4 & 8 Ohms
Power Consumption 385 Watts
Line Voltage 115/230 Volts
Tube LineupOutput KT88 x 4
Pre-driver 5687 x 2
Phase Splitter 12AX7 x 2
DimensionsUnpacked 430 x 390 x180mm
Packed 540 x 455 x245mm
Weight Net 18Kg
Weight Gross 20Kg